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Process Capability

ProjectTechnical standardRemarks
Number of layers1st-14th layers15-18 layers can be produced in small batch
Material scienceCEM-3  FR-4
Plate thickness0.3mm-3.20mm(12mil-126mil)
Minimum core plate thickness0.1mm(mil)
Copper thickness1/2 oz min: 3 oz max
Minimum line width / spacing0.1mm(4mil)
Minimum borehole diameter0.25mm(10mil)
Minimum punching hole diameter0.9mm(10mil)
ToleranceBorehole location±0.075mm(3mil)
Line width±0.1mm (4mil) or± 20% of line width



External tolerance

Milling machine ±0.15mm (6mil)

Punch machine ±0.10mm (4mil)

Pad surface treatmentNickel/Gold Plating/Entek/Hot Air
Insulation resistance
Conduction resistance
Test voltage
V engravingPanel size110x100mm(min.) 660×600mm(max.)
Plate thickness0.6mm(24mil)min.
Reserved thickness0.3mm(12mil)min.
Groove width0.50mm(20mil )max.
Slot to slot10mm min.
Slot to line0.50mm(20mil)min
GrooveSlot size tol.> = 2W tolerance

PTH L: ±0.15mm(6mil)

W: ±0.1mm(4mil)

Where: L=Slot length

W=Slot width Min.drill

bit size or multi-drill is 0.7mm

NPTH L: ±0.125mm(5mil)

W: ±0.1mm(4mil)

Minimum hole to circular distancePTH Hole: 0.13mm(5mil)
NPTH Hole: 0.18(7mil)

Registration Tolerance of Front/Back image

Circular deviation0.075mm(3mil)
Multilayer boardlnterlayer deviation4 layers: 0.15mm(6mil)max.
6 layers: 0.025mm(10mil)max.
Minimum circular distance from hole to inner layer0.25mm(10mil)
Minimum distance from plate edge to inner circle0.25mm(10mil)
Plate thickness tolerance4 layers: ±0.13mm(5mil)

6 layers: ±0.15mm(6mil)

Characteristic impedance60 ohm±10%
Product Name: Double sided matte green oil tinplate
Product Description: 


Rocess features:  including two layers of copper and tin , wherein Cu 2 25 u m,Sn25.0 u is characterized by beingable to adapt to poor environmental conditions and good solder performance . it is suitable for high temperature and comro-sive environment.

Scope of application:  industrial control equipment products, communication products, business equipment products,instruments and military equipment products with high requirements.

Matte resistance welding can protect the eyes of welding workers and will not reflect light General requirements forEuro-pean orders.

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